Friday Feature #2 Doctor MomE, Emily VinZant M.D.

Hi friends, I can’t believe it’s Friday again!  I am BEYOND excited to talk to you about Dr. Emily.  Emily is a Burrton resident and contacted me a couple of years ago for newborn photos.  I had so much fun meeting her and would also see her from time to time in the Barn.  I have had so much fun working with Emily this summer.  You can see our latest Facebook live here.  This post isn’t about me, it’s all about my Dr. Emily!


WHY do you do what you do?
I am SO passionate about creating the opportunity for other women to grow past their weight battles and into the life they quit dreaming was possible because of their weight. My WHY is to create that experience for others. I consider myself so blessed to have experienced that in my own life – and I believe every woman deserves that opportunity. It is not just scale but life-long transformation.
Tell us a bit about you.
I grew up in Wichita and went to Kapaun Mt. Carmel.
I actually became a Mom after my first semester of medical school. Yes, I started motherhood and medical school at the same time. My whole adult life has been incorporated into motherhood. That was my dream all at once – but I coped through emotional and mindless eating. I gained about 60 lbs in medical school because of my emotional eating from stress, fear, and anxiety.
I am a 3rd generation physician and 1st generation life coach. That’s a little break from the mold, huh. I always wanted to be a Doctor and loved incorporating weight loss into my practice. A year ago I went on a mission to find the best diet for my family. I completed Obesity Medicine certification but still felt that some answers were missing – the whole key to why diets fail most of the time. So, I went into life coach certification to understand emotional, mindless, and habitual eating on a higher level. It was the game-changer. And now I proudly call myself a Doctor and a Life Coach. It means that much to me.
I actually love to cross-stitch and read. I’m by nature a quiet, homebody, contemplative type I guess. You would never guess that in my coaching groups, though.
What does an average day look like for you?
My average day is a bit crazy right now.
Wake up, journal my plans/weight/thoughts for the day. It only takes about 2 minutes – I promise.
A glance at the sunrise (I take a lot of photos of these for my Instagram). I love the sunrise over the fields. Cuddle my 2-year-old for a few minutes if she wakes up before I leave. Coffee while I head out the door.
Head to my medical office where I start seeing patients at 7:30 am. See patients all day. I usually have a lunch meeting or answer emails over lunch. Coach my clinic group at 5 pm. Out the door at about 6 pm.
Home to make dinner, dishes, and spend time with the family. We do all the normal things – dishes, baths, pick-up, stories, puzzles. All the good stuff.
Coach my Weight Loss for Modern American Mom groups at 8:30 pm. Usually, the toddler is not in bed by this time – though we try – so my husband puts her to bed while I’m coaching.
After group, time to prep for the next day. I try to get to bed by 10:30 pm and on to the next day.
5 things you should know about me:
1. I’m really just living the same life as you – I’m a busy mom trying to do it all. My schedule is crazy, my job can be demanding, but I still worry about my teens and cry when I leave my toddler some days.
2. Medicine, not some new-aged cult, brought me to life coaching. I wanted to understand how to help my patients and clients stop emotional eating. And life coaching is the game-changer.
3. My family is the MVPs. We are literally the Maybee-VinZant-Perrone’s. Just a modern American family.
4. I am the Mom/step-mom to 5 kids ages 23-2. Our youngest literally turned 13-years-old 2 days before our toddler was born.
5. I’m a recovering perfectionist/people-pleasing/overachiever – and coaching has literally changed my life.
This is just the beginning for DoctorMomE. I see my business continuing to grow one Mama at a time. My biggest inspiration this week was that so many of my new clients were inspired by those who completed the program. That warms my heart. We live outside of Burrton and my next dream is a big barn to have day retreats for my groups. A little coaching, cooking fun new recipes, and exercise as a break for Mom.
You know I am going to ask, I am a big fan of local. If you could go support a local business this weekend, where would you go?
I’m on quarantine this week so anywhere sounds good! The pumpkin patch sounds like so much fun.
Emily is always up to something fun and teaching you on her Instagram
I have had a huge life change, so much weight LOSS, and I feel like I am on top of life, instead of buried under the fear and weight of motherhood.  GO give her a follow and join her team!  I adore her so much!
  1. Elaine Ray says:

    Beautiful photos and story Sara. Thanks to your posts about your journey with Emily and her program I am in her newest group. Keep up the good work with your blog, love it.

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