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Meet my friend Lesley,  her heart is gold.  I can’t imagine my life without her in it.  I met her at a tiny country church Heaths family attended before I started going to Crosspoint, and her love for the Lord and her family inspired me then and even more now.  Her voice, y’all, is magic.  She carries herself and her family with such grace.  She owns Thebarn in Burrton, KS with her family and they are the best family to work for!  She leads a bible study at the barn for us local women and it is the best time and way to connect. We are rooted deeply in the word and friendship, it is the best!

I know that God had a plan for me, moving me clear out here.  He had these friends already planned for me and hot dang, do I feel lucky calling Lesley a friend.
Lesley is passionate about many things but my guess would be her top 3 are God, family, making sure the Barn is filled with the spirit and that not only are tummies full, but hearts leave changed and that you feel like family at Thebarn   Pastor Shaen gave the barn a plug last Sunday at church and it is crazy to me, that first timers are STILL coming in!


Lesley is known for her desserts.  She made the cookies for my wedding and people were in heaven!  I asked her why she loved baking so much and she said it is so fun to create something and loves to taste all the good tasting things!

I also asked her about being a business owner and going on vacations, are there rules for going out to eat.  LOCAL.  They always look for the places they can’t go at home.  Their favorite place is Guys in Las Vegas.
So tell me a little about you friend?  What are some things I should know about you?
I was married at 19.
We love to travel.
I have 5 children ( I did this in Jan. so ages are probably wrong y’all) 18,16,15,12,8
3 girls, 2 boys
She and Karl have been married 19 years this past March if I am reading my notes right!
I asked her how she came to build Thebarn?  She said God was leading her, no personal pull, she was obedient and it flowed together so well and was orchestrated outside of her hands.
Favorite memory building the barn?
Taking the grain bin from her family farm and putting it together piece by piece.  It was 100+ while doing this on a HOT July day!  Working many of ALL days into the night!

Favorite memory of starting the barn?
Seeing the community come together and support us.  The loyalty of the 2 old timers, Judd and Mel, who became our first breakfast regulars.  They will always be remembered and their names are proudly printed on our breakfast menus.
We will always remember Judd and his passion for White Zin, KU, his family, and his love for the barn.  He was always giving me a hard time about KU vs KSU.
And sweet Mel, scooted in booth 2 with his cup of coffee, sitting on the edge of the booth in his overalls and his sweet, gentle spirit.

the barn Burrton ks food drink local Kansas

What do you do in your spare time?
What spare time lol?  I love essential Oils, Young Living.
Favorite oils?
Copbia (great for injuries)
Tea Tree (bug bites)
Sacred Mt. (encouragement, Happiness)
5 things we should know about you?
I love my family!
Baking sweet treats makes me happy
Playing the piano and listening to music brings me great joy
Watching sports is a favorite past time, especially when it’s my kids
I LOVE to laugh



What other activities are you involved in?
Coaching the girls.  Coached cheer for 8 years total and volleyball for 6 now.

If you could talk to your past self, what would you say?
Laugh more.  Dug deeper into the bible sooner.
Future self (This interview was before corona)
I live in a time of listening to where God is sending me.  Wherever / whenever so.  I feel peaceful and joy with that as I long as I am with my husband, Karl, and my family.
Do you have any advise for a mom who has a desire to start a business that doesn’t think she can?
Pray!  Pray!  Pray!  Claim and march like Jeracho.  Be still and listen for what GOD wants you to do next.


Last question, this blog is about Lynda’s Local, if you could pick one local business to support today, who would it be?

I would hit up Brickhouse Boutique or White Lily in Hutchinson and make the drive to High Call in Great Bend.  Those ladies all take care of me!

Thank you for your time and always believing in me, Lesley!

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