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Here it is Friday again and I am so excited for you to meet my friend, Jessica Mueller.  She is a work from home mama and a great friend!  I have really enjoyed getting to know her more this past summer and her daughter, Emily, has spent a lot of time with us and the boys ADORE her!

What is the name of the company. you represent?  Pure Romance



I always love asking business owners, why they do what they do.  If you have never googled the Simon Ted talk on why, it is super interesting to get to the root of WHY we do what we do.

What is your why?
My why is family! My schedule is completely my own! I have flexibility around my firefighter husbands shifts, the kids’ school schedule and my own weekly appointments. This is HUGE I have time with my kids NOW, and a little extra income to spoil us!!

What does an average day of being You in your business look like?

I wake up at 5:30am, make a cup of coffee, sit read emails drink said coffee and start to wake Emily for school at 6:40 am make more coffee and wait for Emily to get moving then u take her to school in Halstead i then return home watch my CEO on “Rise and Grind” at 8 am, then i may have appts or continue with emails, orders and parties that are on the agenda. By noon I try to have most of my “to do” finished but that doesn’t always happen as I get multiple messages from Corporate, my team or do live videos for the team as needed…. I place an order on sale days, recheck and put away stock that i may receive that day…. pick Emily up from school, grab a snack do a few more emails/messages and fix supper…. plus throw in some dishes and laundry somewhere…. twice a week i have 6:30/7pm meetings…. plus i am currently in a class called “Future Leaders” which involves reading books and taking lots of notes, but by 8pm i am cuddled up with Emily getting her settled for bed and then I do one more check of emails, orders and messages then it’s off to bed myself!!! The days go fast but there is always something to be done!!!

5 things we should know about you
I am extremely empathetic and will do everything in my power to make everyone happy!
I am an EXTREME mama bear don’t mess with my kids…
I suffer from anxiety and depression but am lucky to have a  amazing therapist and psychologist!
I love tacos and basically all mexican food!
I have a huge love for the empowering of women thanks to my business and I can’t wait to help everyone feel empowered themselves!
last but certainly not least i have faith over fear and am blessed beyond measure!

Where did you grow up / go to school
I grew up outside of ELDORADO Kansas and went to school K-12 at the Leon/Bluestem schools!
I grew up in the country, and love smalltown life!

Do you have kids?  Tell me about them
I have 6 kids! Samantha is 20 (my bonus daughter) she just graduated from Butler Community College and works so hard at two different jobs and lives on her own in Wichita. Anthony is 19 and currently attends Butler Community College, where he is also the Football team Manager and works full time at Subway he also lives in Wichita. Patrick is 16 (my bonus son) He is a Junior at Halstead High and is a very athletic young man with a hard work ethic like his dad, he is always helping us with anything and everything! Michael is 16 and is a Sophomore at Heights High School in Wichita. He is a very strong willed, sweet young man that helps his mama every chance he can, he’s had a rough go the last 20ish weeks due to broken bones and surgery but is looking forward to having a job soon.  Lucy (Lucille)  is 14 and my strong willed strawberry blonde beauty! She is athletic and is currently a Freshman at Bishop Carroll High school, she is my sweet cuddly helpful girl that absolutely adores her stepdad! and last but certainly not least is our Emily who is 10, and in 5th grade at Halstead Middle School. she is our sweet baby girl that would give anyone anything at anytime! Her heart is huge and so is her infectiously happy attitude, she makes each day brighter and makes my why so much more important!

What did you do before you had kids?
Before kids I worked full time in different medical offices and graduated from Butler Community college….

How did you get into the career you are in ?

When Covid took away my substitute teaching assignments I jumped head first into the opportunity of Pure Romance which i had been offered at different times from different consultants over the last 18 years but my friend Cora gave me that final little push and I haven’t looked back! I am still a substitute teacher part time and I love it but this school year is so awkward so i am not dependent on that employment any longer. Pure romance has given me the strength, attitude and self confidence i have lacked for years, I am so thankful for owning this business that i honestly wished i would’ve jumped aboard sooner, but i definitely think when i did take the opportunity that it was the best time for my family and i!


Fear is our greatest enemy. What would you tell the person who is scared to start their own business?

Just do it!!! If you need the flexibility or the extra income, DO IT!!!

What would you say to your 18 year old self ?

I would tell her life definitely goes better after high school! that garbage is for the birds, live your best life ALWAYS!! ENJOY EVERY MOMENT OF EVERY DAY!!!

Hobbies; I love spending time with my family, sitting around the fire pit, and reading a good book! Now thanks to my business I get to enjoy me time by getting my lashes, hair and pedicures done it is the best!!!!

If you could go anywhere local this weekend, where would you go?

First thing that comes to mind.  I really like The Barn in Burrton, Kansas

Thank you so much for your time Jessica.  I love supporting local business owners and local Kansas artist.  It is fun to make people aware of what is available in their community before shopping on line!


As the holiday approaches I will be featuring some fun, Hutchinson area local shops, treats, and artists!

Keep checking back every Friday to see my feature guest of the week!


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Until next time, keep it local, friends!

Chase Joy,

Sara McMillian

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