A tiny hand slips into into yours. You look down and see that peanut butter is still on their face and their favorite snuggly toy is tucked underneath their arm. At this age, they don’t walk - they skip - and they insist that each hand be held by someone. They insist on twirling, jumping, and dancing. They try to convince you that mud puddles are opportunities for fun and that songs should be sung loudly in the car. They insist on joy as often as possible. When they are all tucked into bed and you sit on the couch across from your favorite person and relive the stories of the day in your mind, you realize the most simple days are the greatest ones. And joy is really worth celebrating and remembering. Always. Images are opportunities to relive your favorite moments with them when they truly understand fully how much they mean to you.

baby love

How many moments have you spent with your children laughing, reading, spoon-licking, shoe-tying, and sink-bathing? Countless. And how many photos do you have commemorating those often mundane, day-to-day tasks that have created the home and childhood your children will look back on as adults? Zero, I’m guessing. I know because I’m a mom. We want to remember these moments forever - chubby faces surrounded by bubbles as water drips from their noses or their tiny little fingers determined to make bunny ears out of shoe laces. But who is there to push the button, freezing these moments in time? Your hands are soapy and wet as you wash their hair. Your hands are holding on to that bike and running alongside as they (and maybe you?) work up the nerve for you to let go. Let me help, mama. Let my hands man the camera while yours guide, teach, comfort, and hold your sweet children. This season won’t last forever - but your memories and my photographs will.


I know you can still remember the first time you held them in your arms. I know you can still remember the thousand of times you vowed with your life to love them, protect them and to give yourself for them. It’s because of your love that they made it here. Although it might be hard to let go, they are ready because you loved them completely. Your love helped shape their hearts, helped made them who they are - and now it’s time to celebrate who they have become. It’s time to give them a mirror, through an image, to show them the beauty you see in them. This is their time, but it’s also yours. 



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