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Hey there, I’m Sara McMillan. I’m a proud midwestern momma of two wild boys and wife to a handsome farmer.
I help people tell the stories of their lives with the art of photography. Capturing moments not only blesses a family with sweet memories but gives them pieces of their heart to share with generations to come.

I close my eyes and can picture my mom still dancing around the kitchen while baking the best ever chocolate chip cookies. I see her looking over, smiling and inviting us over to lick the spoon. I open my eyes and see my boys, running over while I smile and offer them the cookie dough spoon while I dance around our kitchen.
I miss my mom, but I have the stories and endless picture books for my boys to see and know her. The photographs allow her legacy to live on in our home and hearts.
With my talents, I want to give you and your families the same joy of capture moments. Whether they be senior or family photos. Photographs that tell your business or brand stories. Or the memories of becoming and growing as a mother.

1.  Loves Jesus. Watching my boys learn to understand that he seeing them show his love and kindness in their lives is the most rewarding thing in my life.
2.  Tacos… and queso… aaaaand cookies are my love language. 
3.  Coffee? Yes, please. Make it an Americano. 
4.  Podcasts and worship music are my jam. Having an issue? I have a song or podcast that will speak to your soul. 

I'll never forget. It was an extraordinary day filled with cuddles and joyful songs. A day filled with the anthems of my boys growing up, with tickle monsters, and big smiles I will remember always.

In the middle of a seemingly simple moment, my oldest son Jack ran into the living room and proudly climbed up on our couch looking at a large photograph of our family hanging on the wall. He leaned in slowly and tried to wrap his tiny arms around the photography that laying flat against the wall. He reached with all of his might to hug the photo of the 4 of us, piled on top of each other, laughing.

To anyone else, it might have looked like a sweet gesture, but to me this moment resonated in my heart so strongly that it made me stop everything to take it in. Here was my son, who one day won't reach up at me with his little arms or crawl into my lap and fit the way he does. And that day, in the home where he is being loved and fashioned into the man he will one day be, he hugged a photo that represents to him, his entire world: Us.

When I choose to press the button on my camera that miraculously allows me to hold a moment still forever, Jack hugging our photo plays across my mind. One day these little hands will turn into the bigger ones that hold the next generation of tiny feet that pitter patter down the hallways.

One day, we won't have binkies and blankets decorating our floors of our homes. Tiny shoes won't be left abandoned by their wearers. One day, we will have tiny hearts that grew in our love to become adults with their own hopes and dreams. One day, they will walk out our front doors as newly emerged adults, and we'll have to let them go so they can learn to fly solo.

But today isn't that day. And today, we have a thousand moments to hold onto until that door closes behind them one last time.

Today, those moments should hang on your walls as they hang in your heart like beautiful love imprints of the tiny souls who gave us the name we never want to change: Momma.


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