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“Did we just become best friends?

When my clients leave a session asking that question, the answer is always a resounding YES. It’s been asked on more occasions than I can count in my 12 years in business, and I couldn’t be more blessed by these connections.

I’m based in Hutchinson, Kansas and am totally inspired by the easy pace and wide open spaces of country life. Especially because I know the reality is that time flies by and photographs are one of the only ways I know how to stop it.

I’m an Enneagram 2, through and through. In other words, I’m a nurturer and a giver, and I’m happiest serving others. My husband and I live on a farm, and we have two young boys who are the joy of my life. You’ll find me and the boys tooling around the farm at night, and editing with my earpods in, with either a worship song or podcast on blast, by day.

I lost my mom to cancer when she was far too young. This experience has shaped all of my days since. It’s become my mission not only to chase joy, but to share it – through documenting your milestones, family stories and local businesses with images that make you feel as special as you are.

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