If you are new here allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Sara.  When I moved to TN my friends all called me Sara Mac, and that name has always hung around!  I grew up in a family of FIVE sisters!

Sisters unposed We lost our mom in the spring of 2011.  NOTHING can prepare you for the loss of a parent.  It is life changing, painful and the pain and grief are like an ocean some days with emotions that crash like tidal waves.


God has blessed us and helped us through it.  The week she died people came from everywhere.  With meals, mowing her yard, cleaning her flower beds and most importantly, loving us through this life-altering week.  My cousins came with a box of booze, kleenex, stamps, and other household items.  That box made me giggle.  I needed that laughter.

The days and months that followed were dark and lonely for me.  I had moved home from TN. not long before and I could not find my place.  I met my friend Jesus one summer night, standing in the middle of a city street and pleaded with him to make me feel at home.  Months later I would meet my now husband and find a new home near Hutchinson, KS.  I would soon be married in November of 2014, and was expecting the month following my wedding.



I would go onto find MOPS, an organization that has been life-changing to me.  If you are a momma who has flexible Tuesday mornings, we would love for you to join our small group in Buhler!

We had attended a small church in the country but it was hard with two littles who wouldn’t rest.  Jack kept asking me for church and I felt God leading us to Crosspoint in Hutchinson, KS.  If you are church shopping, come join us.  We sit up front and would love to have you join our group.  I have also been working at theBarn in Burrton on Friday evenings.  The Barn is definitely worth the drive out to Burrton!  It has been a huge blessing to my sanity and family and the women I work with have become great friends and join me at Cross Point!

We have come a long way in our short 4.5 years of marriage.  2 babies, a new home, new jobs for both Heath and I.  Photography has always been my passion and I am excited to see where it takes me during the next season of life.  I am excited to be working more this year and look forward to many upcoming sessions and praying for the new clients God has in my future!

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Choose Joy friends!

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