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Hi friends!

Fall 2020 has been my “Best Fall Ever!”  I am so grateful for each of you that chose me to tell your family story and give you these lasting memories!  I know there was a sea of photographers to choose from!

Today’s Feature is the one and only Faith Martin.  She runs the local food pantry.  I love her servants heart and heart for others.

My goal in this blog is show you businesses and organizations you can support locally.  Because, as they say, when you support a small business there’s a mom or dad out there doing a happy dance!

So here we go. Faith is a gem of a human, and man, do I LOVE being able to call her friend.  She is the sweetest, most loyal, God loving, say it how it is, kinda friend.  Thank you or taking some time to share your heart!  She runs the local Burrton Food Pantry, in Burrton, KS.  We are a little just outside of Hutchinson, KS.

Tell me about your story.
“I grew up here, in Burrton. I watched my parents volunteer for many things while growing up so it’s something that was instilled in me, I guess.  The Interchurch Council is made up of volunteers from a few different local churches and the food pantry is under that umbrella.  It’s a great opportunity to give back to the community by donating food, time or money.  When we first started the food pantry I, of course, felt some nervousness about “what if we don’t have enough food each time we are open” and thoughts like that.  But God has continually used people in this community to provide monetary and food support.
Why / how did you feel led to help run the food pantry?
Helping your own community is very important to me. That’s why I try to support the local businesses we have. We like to eat at The Barn, shop our local Dollar General, support any community events that might be taking place (4th of July event every year) and so on. This town if full of generous people that have kept the food pantry doors open for over 5 years now.  It’s a great opportunity for businesses and the school to give back as well by having food drives (they do every year) and supporting the pantry with monetary donations.  It’s been a great way to meet people I may never have met otherwise. It’s been fun getting to know some of them.
Thank you Faith for hopping on here, blessing me with your time and for faithfully serving your community.  I love working with you at theBarn and so blessed by your friendship!
Be sure and comment how faith has touched your life on my Facebook or Instagram post. Take this post and help the pantry closest to you.  A person like Faith, in charge of running it, will appreciate any donation.  BE THE CHANGE.  And, as the famous quote says, “you don’t have to feed 100 people, start by feeding just 1.” Mother Theresa(I think, I didn’t look up).
How can you help the Burrton Food Pantry?
They are most in need of Chicken Breasts and cheese for Christmas Dinners.  You can message Faith and figure out a good time to drop off, or leave at Thebarn or with me!   You can buy locally at Dollar General the only store we have in our tiny town!
Be sure to check out the past Friday posts and for following along this journey of mine.  I love taking the time to get to know why people do what they do and how that doing their job in turn serves others.
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